An eucalyptus. Resin. Bark. A photographic painting made up of drawings and shapes on a unique natural sheet.

Australia is an independent world. There are different territories, animals, plants and infinite spaces. Everything is bigger, less detailed and the sky appears to be bigger and much brighter due to the intensity of starlights.

But if you try to get closer to its trees, there you will find out that Australia is different and unique even in its smallest details. In facts, on eucalyptus bark you will find resin streams flowing unnaturally, giving the idea that someone had fun drawing with a carbon pencil on an orange sheet.

  • Stampa su carta fotografica
  • Opera in tiratura limitata di n° 100 copie
  • Formato 50 x 70 cm con passepartout
  • Made In Italy
  • Con cornice
  • Opera firmata e numerata sul retro