Scars as time traces on old houses doors

Time cannot be captured. It flows, glides, stops and accelerates. It doesn’t exist but leaves its traces everywhere. Sometimes it’s enough to sightseeing cities and small villages, looking at old doors of uninhabited houses. In front of this show of time, you wonder which are the stories these doors have seen during the time (maybe) of a century and what is the reason for the defined or unpredictable scars.  Some of them are familiar marks, much more interpretable: as scars on someone’s skin which lived truly and deeply. There you stop and take a photo. 

  • Stampa su carta fotografica
  • Opera in tiratura limitata di n° 100 copie
  • Formato 50 x 70 cm con passepartout
  • Made In Italy
  • Con cornice
  • Opera firmata e numerata sul retro