A glimpse of the Paradise island where mangroves, sand and a stream create surreal landscapes.

Currently, in Australia, there is an island called Fraser Island which indigenous people, now extinct, defined K’gari, or “The paradise” and it’s not difficult to understanding why after seeing it.

It’s the largest sand island in the world and it’s crossed by a river where mangroves, touching the water, release a red substance which dye the water until it dissolves in the sea.

In this photograph, as in other works, what hits the eye is the pictorial contrast of the elements but also the alienation effect given by the detail that recalls the glimpse on an American canyon. 

  • Stampa su carta fotografica
  • Opera in tiratura limitata di n° 100 copie
  • Formato 50 x 70 cm con passepartout
  • Made In Italy
  • Con cornice
  • Opera firmata e numerata sul retro