A deep red Colombian wall with patches of white and blue. 

Gabriel Garcia Márquez considered Cartagena, in Colombia, his adoptive city. “You will see, in Cartagena everything is different. This loneliness without sadness, this unceasing ocean, this immense feeling of having arrived” he said.

Colonial houses, balconies and bloomed patios, shops, coffee shops, 600s cloisters. No colour is missing and at any corner it’s evident the cultural mix of Europe, India and Africa.  A mixed and multicultural environment where every contamination is legit and comprehensible.

For this reason, colours on the walls are unique as well.

You can find a deep red wall, so intense that you cannot look away, and where the only form of distraction is the white and blue patches which you can openly interpret as in a Rorschach image. 

  • Stampa su carta fotografica
  • Opera in tiratura limitata di n° 100 copie
  • Formato 50 x 70 cm con passepartout
  • Made In Italy
  • Con cornice
  • Opera firmata e numerata sul retro